Husqvarna vs Stihl competition Husqvarna vs Stihl Stihl vs Husqvarna
Author:Girosconstruct Constanta

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Ah the eternal battle between Husky and Stihl. Well huskies made in Sweden, Stihl in Germany, Hitler was Austrian, but dictated Germany, I'm part German, so Stihl it is! dan hichuche
echoShane Meltzer
Stihl got no chance...stihl sucks :DSaso Lasic
Its simple. .you buy the saw that you need for the type of work you'll be doing...then factor in your budget. I'm a homeowner that needs a saw for light yardwork, fallen limbs and trees under 10 inches in I bought a nice 16 inch Husqvarna. If I was felling big trees regularly as part of my job, I'd buy a professional grade Stihl.Steven Chagnon
Husqvarnas durability and top class warranties is what sells me on husky over stihlSTUDDADDY007
Try to compare the same class!!! chaisaws with the same chain!!! This competition is totally bushit. And look at price and longlife of husqy and you will see the different between husky ans stihl ;) Štefan Lenický
that's not a competition. the Husqvarna used here is a larger cc saw.Ken Warner
Ptdrr le mec a la fin de la vidéo il a crue qu'il allait couché le morceaucengiz kan
stihl and Husqvarna both make great saws why to people always try to make one or the other look badAllen W.
The computer people can be.János Radák
(y) Husqvarna.János Radák
My 262xp beats any stihl and revs higherspacom2000
Nu..lant nou,atat.Girosconstruct Constanta
That is no competition, see if you can beat a Stihl 076 AV??gregoriogarcia31
ala nui sthil competitionjonny bia
iarta-l ca nu stie ce vorbeste:))))) si cred ca stihl-ul ala nu e nici macar 440 ci mai degraba 361, iar husqvarna 395 e a doua ca marime in cc dupa H3120,cum sa compari 95 cc cu 61cc, e hilar.salutareskywalke112583
no its like stihl(shit) is opel and HQ a bmw :DMilan Novek
I know Jonsereds and Husqvarnas are pretty much the same but i wouldnt ever want a husky over my jred and i dont even like red loljnumsen
WHAT???? David Strapko
Good thing your ear protection is turned back like that. That way you can hear the chainsaws fully. Important for a stringent comparison such as this. ocallaghanm
Ce stihl e ala? MS...?Sebi Mihai
with hand on the shoulder.........maybe!!!!!!!!!skywalke112583
JONSERED=HUSQVARNA=husqvarna is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!skywalke112583
husqvana e melhor sem comparação ! emerson rodrigues
the same company make both of themsa barbour